The Beauty Industry has a lot of different products that cost less than eyelash extensions, but give a similar look. Below are the benefits and disadvantages of the common types of "eyelash extensions" and how they compare to classic and volume eyelash extensions.


Unlike eyelash extensions, cluster lashes are placed on top of many natural lashes.  The added weight of each cluster cannot be supported and can damage and create difficulties in the growth of natural lashes. Please be advised that Xclusive Lashes & Beauty Bar does not employ or recommend this technique.


Strip lashes are a quick fix for that long, full, luscious look. The difference between eyelash extensions and strip lashes however is longevity. Strip lashes usually holds for a few hours to one day and sometimes they are reusable, however, we recommend them for one-time use only. Similar to eyelash extensions, strip lashes can be purchased in different styles and lengths, however strip lashes do add extra weight and look unnatural.


Eyelash extensions are applied carefully to each individual natural lash approximately 1mm away from the eyelid, therefore, the lash extension nor the adhesive will be near the skin.  Eyelash extensions usually last 2-4 weeks depending on each person’s natural lash cycle. Within these 2-4 weeks, eyelash extension fills are required to ensure the fullness of the lash extensions
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